Hoek Exclusive conditions dated 1 July 2021

These promotion conditions apply to the ‘Hoek Exclusive’ savings program. Provider of the Hoek Exclusive savings program is Hoek flowers, established at Laan van Verhof 77, 2231 DZ, Rijnsburg, the Netherlands (hereinafter referred to as: Hoek flowers).

When registering for the Hoek Exclusive savings program, the participant declares to be familiar with, and to agree to, these promotion conditions.

  • Hoek Exclusive – the name of the savings program.
  • Participant – the person who registered on behalf of the company on the program website for participation in the savings program.
  • Company – the company from where the participant participates in the savings program. The Conditions are available under ‘Participants / participation’.
  • Products – the products that can be found in the savings shop, for which the participant can redeem his/her points.
  • Points – the unit of the points the participant saves in the program.
  • XPs – experience points which determine the participant's status in the savings program. The participant's status depends on the number of orders a participant makes in the Hoek flowers online shop and the value of the orders.
Participants / participation
  1. Only Hoek flowers customers, who are known as such to Hoek flowers, are able to participate in Hoek Exclusive.
  2. To participate in Hoek Exclusive, participants must have an account number at Hoek flowers.
  3. Maximum one account can be created per e-mail address.
  4. Participants must always provide correct, current and complete information, such as address and e-mail address, during registration and while participating in Hoek Exclusive.
  5. Participation is excluded for:
    - People under the age of 18.
    - Everyone who is directly or indirectly involved in organisational terms at Hoek flowers and/or Hoek Exclusive.
  6. The privacy statement specifies which data Hoek flowers collects for the savings program, for which purposes they are processed and which security measures are taken. The Participant has been informed of this during the registration process for participation in Hoek Exclusive.
Saving points
  1. The participant receives points for every order in the Hoek flowers online shop. The amount of points per order depends on the level of the participant and the value of the order.
  2. The points for your order in the Hoek flowers online shop are credited the day after your order.
  3. As soon as the invoice(s) of your order in Hoek flowers' online shop has been paid, the points are added to your balance and you can redeem them in the shop. As long as the invoices have not yet been (fully) paid the points are pending.
  4. In addition to the points that can be obtained with orders in the Hoek flowers online shop, participants can also come into consideration for bonus points. The number of bonus points participants receive is a surprise.
  5. The saved points can only be redeemed once for product(s) from the shop.
  6. Points cannot be exchanged for cash.
  7. Points are not valid indefinitely.  Points awarded in 2021 are valid up to 31-12-2022. Points awarded in 2022 are valid up to 31-12-2023.
  8. Hoek flowers may declare points invalid with retroactive effect. For example but not exclusively if the savings program or the saved balance is influenced illegally. Hoek Flowers then reserves the right not to award the points, not to send ordered products from the shop or to exclude participants from participation.
  9. Points are account bound and are not transferable.
XP – Experience points
  1. In addition to points, participants receive experience points (XPs) for orders in the Hoek flowers online shop. The number of experience points a participant receives per order depends on the total value of the daily order amount.
  2. Minimum 1 and maximum 4 XPs are awarded per order day.
  3. Based on the number of XPs, participants are given a status. There are four statuses:
    - 0 – 49 XPs - Exclusive member
    - 50 – 149 XPs - Gold member
    - 149 – 299 XPs Diamond member
    - > 300 XPs Royal member
  4. XPs allow you to keep your current status, or go up a level.
  5. At the start of every year a participant's status is (re)calculated.  Participants have 12 months to earn enough XPs to keep their status or to go up a level. As soon as a participant has enough XPs to go up a level, the participant's status is immediately upgraded.
Products in the savings shop
  1. Hoek flowers may change, remove, suspend or extend the products in the shop and the number of points required for them at any time.
  2. Products cannot be exchanged or returned.
  3. Products are delivered to the address or e-mail address the participant filled out during the registration process. In the order process a different delivery address may be provided.
  4. An order in the savings shop is paid by means of a once-off deduction of points.
  5. Participants agree with the product conditions of the product. These product conditions are available from the supplier of the product.
  6. They can be requested via customerservice@hoekflowers.com.
  7. It's important the participant immediately checks the received products for damage. Damage of products can be notified within 15 days upon receipt to customerservice@hoekflowers.com, with specification of account number, company name, name contact, date of order and ordered product.
  8. Guarantees on products can be given by the manufacturer or importer of a product, not by Hoek flowers.
  1. Hoek Exclusive is offered via a program website. On the website participants can, after registration and/or login, make use of all functionalities, such as ordering products, view points balance and order history, view profile data and obtain information.  
  1. Hoek Exclusive sends process e-mails, among others for verification of the e-mail address when registering, confirmation of participation, order confirmation of products and for forgotten password functionality.
  2. The participant's consent is requested to send promotional mails. 
  1. Hoek Flowers and/or its contracted partners or third parties, are not liable for any damage whatsoever, directly and/or indirectly, suffered by a participant in any way related to this savings program. For questions or complaints about Hoek Exclusive or the conditions, please send an e-mail (exclusively) to customerservice@hoekflowers.com.
  2. Printing, spelling, typesetting or other similar errors cannot be invoked as a reason for compensation or for any other obligation whatsoever. 
Term and termination
  1. Hoek flowers shall decide until when the savings program runs. Hoek flowers reserves the right to amend, suspend or terminate the savings program prematurely. Hoek flowers shall notify such cases as soon as possible on its program website. 
Other provisions
  1. Rights cannot be derived from these conditions.
  2. In the cases not provided for in these promotion conditions, Hoek flowers shall make a decision.



Hoek flowers composes the information and documents for Hoek Exclusive with great care. However, Hoek flowers cannot always guarantee the correctness and completeness thereof. Under no circumstance shall Hoek Flowers be liable for any direct or indirect damage resulting from or relating to the use of the information or documents available through Hoek Exclusive, except in cases of intentional acts and/or gross negligence on the part of Hoek Flowers and/or its staff.

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Intellectual property

All intellectual property rights of Hoek Exclusive belong exclusively to Hoek flowers or to the developers of the program. The information on the program website is solely intended for own use. The user of this website is not permitted to change or edit, publish, reproduce, distribute or make available against payment to third parties (parts of) this website, regardless of its format, without Hoek flowers' express written consent. Sharing information about the program or these promotion conditions can have consequences such as the complete termination of the cooperation between the participant and Hoek flowers.