Hoek Exclusive is the reward program of Hoek flowers and specially designed for Hoek flowers customers. Once registered as a member of Hoek Exclusive, your Exclusive account is connected to your Hoek flowers account. Buy flowers and automatically earn points, it’s actually that simple.


Sign up

Do you already have an account with Hoek flowers? You still have to sign up for Hoek Exclusive. You can do this by giving in the email address you’re using at Hoek flowers as well as your customer code (for example UK1234). Once signed up your accounts will automatically be connected. Sign up here: register.



Hoek Exclusive knows four levels, starting with: Exclusive member (because every member is exclusive to us) followed by a Gold, Diamond and Royal status. Based on the amount of purchases combined with the amount spend, called XP, you can grow towards the next level. Every level has its own privileges, which you can check out at the benefits page.


  • 0 – 49 XP Exclusive member
  • 50 – 149 XP Gold member
  • 149 – 299 XP Diamond member
  • > 300 XP Royal member


At the start of every year your status is recalculated. You have 12 months to earn enough XPs to keep your status or to go up a level. As soon as you've earned enough XPs to go up a level, you are immediately upgraded.



Buy flowers, earn points. For every stem bought we give you points in return (it will take up to 24 hours for them to show in your overview and a paid invoice to be definite). The higher your status, the more points you will earn for your money spent at hoekflowers.com. Use your earned points to, for example treat yourself (or someone else) with a nice gift from our gift shop. Once logged in, the page activity will give you insight in the amount of points you have and how you did earn them.



Did you collect enough points? Once logged in you can spend your points in our Hoek Exclusive shop. The shop has four categories: For you, Florist supplies, Hoek goodies and Hoek charity.



Any questions about Hoek Exclusive? You can contact us directly via the contact form on the web page.